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  1. Les Addison says:

    The first of Kimberly’s kittens that I adopted is a special love story. I saw a photo of a brown classic tabby kitten that a friend found in her yard and that Kimberly agreed to foster. It was love at first sight, but I felt like I couldn’t adopt him because I had an elderly dog. During the next two months, Kimberly sweetened up the kitten and worked her magic on this little feral baby, teaching him to love laps, racks, and cheesecake batterIMG_0354. My dog developed cancer, and a conspiracy of several friends led to me getting to adopt little Buster. It was love at first sight IMG_6074 for Buster (now Bugalu) and me. He continues to be one of the friendliest kitties of all time, and to love hanging out on my shoulder, and will sleep on my chest, nuzzling my neck.

  2. Les Addison says:

    By the time Bugalu was about a year old, it was clear that he has plenty of kitty energy and kitty love, and that I should get him a kitten of his own. I couldn’t imagine going any place other than back to Kimberly’s. I got to meet baby Smudge. When she came home, it took no time at all for Boogie to claim her– Baby Ditto (Smudge’s littermate) is known for nursing on her own belly, but Smudge would persistently nurse on Boogie. He loves his cat. A lot.

  3. Rainy says:

    I have four of Miss Kimberly’s Kittens, all of whom are proud Graduates of her Pre-Sweetened Kittens Program. We first got Mittens and Honey and then about a year later, we acquired Ollie, and a few months after that, we got Bonnie. We went for a sort of monochromatic palette of kitten colors, which has worked out fairly harmoniously, though the tuxedo cats do occasionally try to keep the holstein cat down. They’re all super sweet, cuddly, lovebugs, with HUGE personalities. We couldn’t be happier to have them.

  4. Gina says:

    We got our kitten, Pi, from Kimberly in June of 2010, and she is the sweetest kitten (with a super-loud purr)! At first she was this tiny little thing. But, with the help of her big sister Bitta (who treated her like her long lost kitten right from the start), she grew up to be a sweet big kitten who likes computers, iPads, and ham radio (for reals!).

    • henry says:

      i *loved* looking at your ham radio video. i’ve only gotten on 2m and 70cm with my Kimberly Kittens nearby … and they pretty much act the same way! (i’m n6hcm, btw…)

  5. henry says:

    i have two kimberly kittens … bob joined my home (with two other cats already in residence) in 2007. he was very well socialized and got along with the other cats well, bonding with my very large maine coon … about a year and a half later another kimberly kitten, sam, joined my home and he’s fit in splendidly. he’s quite curious, and he loves the laser pointer and turns up regularly to be groomed by bob. he also likes to park on my shoulder while we’re watching tv.

    (k–i’ll find some photos to be linked in … don’t have any handy at the moment.)

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